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Overgrown, unwanted large trees tend to shed more leaves, creating a mess in your landscape, providing an unattractive look. Getting a tree removed or trimmed may enhance the overall look of your landscape and prevent the labor and cost involved in cleaning the area again and again. It also prevents in-habitation of pests and rodents in the dry barks of trees and accumulated fallen leaves.

We will help you in saving time and money, but also ensure your safety by removing unwanted trees from your surroundings, also encourage and guide you to plant more trees to replace the old ones and avoid any environmental consequences.


  The obvious benefit to stump grinding is that tree stumps are an ugly obstacle in an otherwise perfect yard. Toxic chemicals or burning can take years to break down a tree stump. Excavation of a stump will tear up the surrounding area and may pull up or damage utility lines. We have done multiple stump jobs for people with excavators and backhoes because they started digging them up and realized that they had no place to put all the stumps with their massive root systems. Even a small stump can take days to remove by hand and is very difficult work. With a stump grinder, the same stump will be gone in minutes. When a stump is dug out, then there is a hole left to fill up. When we grind a stump, there are woodchips left to fill the hole in with.

Tree stumps are often breeding grounds for insects and pests. We frequently see cockroach nests in stumps and have often seen multiple frogs and lizards in stumps. We once even ground a stump that had a snake in the center! A tree cut off at the stump will not always die and can continue to grow. The root system can continue to grow and cause property damage to utilities, driveways, or foundations.

Once the stump has been shredded with a stump grinder, the roots will be severed and nothing will be left to grow. After removal of the wood chips, topsoil can be added so grass will grow. Stumps can be a safety hazard as well as a great inconvenience to walk or mow around. When needed, we can grind a stump deep enough that a new tree can be planted in its place.


Shape and thin the canopy of mature trees and provide clearance for new growth, enhance landscape beauty with ornamental shrub and hedge pruning, remove diseased or dying growth and strengthen a tree, eliminate structural defects that inhibit growth, reduce potential hazards posed by older trees, increase air flow and light to your property, maintain property values, control tree size.


If you need emergency tree removal, we can help! Please call us at 513-372-5194, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the urgency of a tree emergency and will be able to get someone to you no matter the time of day or night!

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